Welcome to Mr. Yinka's Classroom

Hello, my name is Olayinka Tedimola

I am a mathematics and physical science professional with over 10 years experience in education and community service. I support students from basic foundations through university level in math related courses through my online learning programs. 
I have unique methods and metaphors for relating even the most complex concepts. I am also very relatable, I'm sure we will find lots of common ground in no time.

Book a demo session with me. I'll love to discuss your interests, goals and how I can help you achieve them.

Students feedback

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Mr Yinka has helped my growth from Secondary to University level. I had a hard transition into the Canadian curriculum. I and my parents searched for multiple ways to improve but nothing seemed to work, I went under a good number of tutors in Canada but nothing was working, my math was still at the lowest and I was failing drastically until I was introduced to Mr. Yinka. He was there to guide and assist me at every step of the way, my parents were shocked at my rate of improvement and understanding shortly after. I am currently in University and I still go to Mr Yinka when I face challenges, he follows me through every step of the way until he is sure I can confidently face the challenges on my own. Anytime someone talks about their child having problems in math Mr. Yinka is the first person that we recommend to them, he has been a blessing to my life. I and my parents are grateful for the time and effort Mr. Yinka has put towards my academic growth. I cannot see a way to my current level without the help we have received from him. 

Emeka O
200 Level, Computer Science, Brock University, Canada
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Mr. Yinka helped in my areas of struggle in A levels further mathematics over the Christmas break. I didn't quite understand the principles of mathematical induction as it was taught in school but we were able to completely conquer it together in our few weeks together. By the time I was leaving for school in January I could comfortably solve all the past question problems on principles of mathematical induction.

K Ibukunoluwa
A levels, Kings Hill, United Kingdom
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In all honesty, I would recommend many students - whether in primary school, or university like me - to take advantage of this. I wish I had known sooner, then perhaps a lot of those cracks in my early foundations in Math would have been addressed earlier. Mr. Yinka's tutoring is a valuable component to my success and improvement in Math and an ongoing help in my physics now. Take this opportunity like I did ! You might even get a lot more out of it than I did.

Wakabul Gomwalk
100L, Architecture, Rice University, U.S.A
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 Mr. Yinka has been such a big help to me through my university mathematics and physics courses. He takes the time to understand the topic and or concept I am dealing with - whether it’s from Physics, Calculus, or Linear Algebra - and proceeds to make it tremendously easier for me to understand. He keeps a light-hearted tone the entire class but is still straight to business with the topics you both will be working on.
We also developed a very beneficial relationship that now extends beyond the learning environment. He is very respectful and understanding.

Ibrahim Oyewale
200 Level, Computer Engineering, Ontario Tech University, Canada
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At the LEAD hub Mr. Yinka became not only a teacher but a friend and mentor. He taught me math in a way that I could actually understand and wouldn’t forget after a few months. With him at the hub I genuinely learned how to solve math in a way that made me surpass nearly everyone in my grade on the exam and the foundations lead me to better grades in the future. Over time the hub helped tutor me through math up to AP Calculus and even helped out with my Physics. The hub became more than just a place for me to better myself academically but a place that helped make me a better person. I recommend the hub to anyone who wants to learn and actually understand what their doing better than they did in school. There were days I actually looked forward to going there more than I did school and there I got support as well as met people that believed I could do better than I had shown and actually helped me so better to meet and surpass their expectations.

Sharon A
100L, Architecture, American University of Sharjah, UAE
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Learning with Mr. Yinka has truly been a fascinating experience. It is one thing to teach and another to make one feel like they’re making progress. He ensured that I felt encouraged and happy through the sessions. I have never felt confident learning mathematics but I have noticed that perspective changing over time. He respected my learning pace and patiently carries me through the course content. I also really appreciate the endless amusing energy he radiates in class. In conclusion it has been an amazing experience away from the regular. I do not feel pressured to impress my teacher and I am making commendable progress in preparing for my college prep examinations.

Debby Ali 
College prep

Frequently asked questions

  • How much do the sessions cost?
    The sessions cost $20 - $35 per hour depending on a the complexity of the course content. However payments can be made in USD, GBP, CAD or NGN equivalents.
  • Can I get support for other subjects beyond mathematics and physics?
    Yes, we have a team of just as experienced tutors available to support in other subjects or coursework like Chemistry, Biology, Programming, Business and Economics up to university level. 
  • Do I have to pay for my demo session?
    No you do not have to pay for the demo session. We would just get to see how best I can support you.
  • Do you provide help and support with school assessments?
    Yes I will provide help with your school assignments, projects and any other work that your school allows you to receive help on. I will not help if it will compromise academic integrity of the course content. I will however do all that is humanly possible to prepare you for assessments you have to take on your own.
  • Do we need to download anything to learn?
    Primarily we work with Zoom video conferencing tool. There is an online version available that can be utilized on a web browser but it is preferential to download the app and install on your laptop or tablet. The link and instructions on how to access the class will be communicated to you.

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Recognizing perfect square trinomials

Solving a quadratic equation by perfecting the square trinomial



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